Moroccan authenticity and freshness of the ocean

아가디르에서는 도시의 소음을 벗어난 새로운 세계에서 모로코의 “삶의 예술” 과 다양한 스포츠를 즐길 수 있습니다.울창한 숲과 유칼립투스 향기로 둘러싸인 공간에서 가족이 함께 여러가지 액티비티를 즐길 수 있습니다. 리조트내 메디나 스타일의 오솔길의 끝에는 편안하고 건강을 되찾을 수 있는 클럽메드 스파*가 있습니다.

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The Tiznit

The Tiznit is centrally located near the delicious Le Founty restaurant - you can't miss it! You'll love afternoons on the sunny terrace with a book and your favourite holiday cocktail or sharing a relaxing aperitif poolside with your loved ones.

The Massa

Right by the pool, Le Massa is a great place to gather with friends or to make new ones. Its tranquil setting invites peace and relaxation.

The Ranch

Club Med holidays are packed with activity, and active people need great places to take a break. Welcome to the Ranch Bar, your perfect stop between horseriding lessons and tennis matches to gear up for your next activity. A free shuttle runs from the Resort every 30 minutes, so don't hesitate to come on down!

The Golf des Dunes bar

Golf is a great way to connect with friends, old and new. Fuel up before you play or wind down afterwards at the Golf des Dunes snack bar. You'll love the friendly welcome and cosy terrace overlooking the lush practice area and trees. The perfect start or finish to your day on the course!
For information: there is no Open Bar & Snacks service at the Golf des Dunes.

The Founty

Our team at Le Founty welcomes friends and families at the heart of Club Med Agadir for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Enjoy delicious Moroccan specialities in a tasteful and traditional establishment. Enjoy the afternoon sun or the evening breeze on the split-level terrace to add that extra special something to your meal.

The Arganier

Enjoy wonderful Moroccan dishes at L'Arganier restaurant at Club Med Agadir. The traditional decor adds a special touch to your dining experience. Open for dinner on certain evenings and for late lunch after your round of golf, the restaurant has waiter service. No need to book, just come in and enjoy!

Discover the richness of North African life

What could be more restorative than wandering back to your room through a swathe of palm trees and tropical grasses? Immerse yourself in the traditional Moroccan feel of your room, located in one of the little three storey buildings that dot the Resort. Zellige tiles, lamps and traditional seating add to the authenticity.


Morocco in brief

  • Surface area: 446,550 sq km (710,850 sq km with the Western Sahara)

  • Capital: Rabat

  • Official language: Arabic and Amazighe (Berber). French is also widely used.

  • Currency: the Dirham.

Make the most of your stay at Agadir Club Med to discover the natural beauty and fascinating culture of the region.

Agadir Club Med is located:

  • a 20-minute walk from the town centre, alongside a 6-km stretch of beach; you can visit the Valley of Birds (gardens with aviaries, mouflons and goats), the grand souk, the port and its famous fish market, the old kasbah with its magnificent view over the city, and the surprising new medina

  • 19 km from Taghazout, renowned for suring

  • 60 km from Imouzzer, with its famous waterfalls

  • 260 km from Marrakech, the "pearl of the south", an imperial city at the foot of the Upper Atlas mountains.


아가디르에서는 도시의 소음을 벗어난 새로운 세계에서 모로코의 “삶의 예술” 과 다양한 스포츠를 즐길 수 있습니다.울창한 숲과 유칼립투스 향기로 둘러싸인 공간에서 가족이 함께 여러가지 액티비티를 즐길 수 있습니다. 리조트내 메디나 스타일의 오솔길의 끝에는 편안하고 건강을 되찾을 수 있는 클럽메드 스파*가 있습니다.

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  • Enjoying your first experience of golf, or perfecting your swing
  • Being spoilt for choice, with tennis (16 courts), archery and horseriding
  • Leaving your little ones (from 4 months old) in the safe hands of our G.O®s
  • Relaxing at Club Med Spa a stone's throw from the ocean waves
  • Strolling through the centre of this historic city, in the heart of Moroccan culture

Plenty of sports and Moroccan serenity on the Atlantic Coast

Surrounded by palm trees and the dreamy scent of eucalyptus, embrace Moroccan life as a family. In this oasis of calm, your children can burn off lots of energy discovering new activities. Even the youngest can get active with the Baby Gym at Baby Club Med. From age 3, children can try tennis at Petit Club Med. Meanwhile, their older brothers and sisters at Mini Club Med and Junior Club Med will be at the Ranch. Clay tennis courts, an archery range and a golf course: it's time to play!
*15 minute shuttle ride from the Resort.

Enjoy a playing field as vast as nature itself

전세계 최대 스포츠 스쿨-클럽메드에서 그동안 도전해보고 싶었던 스포츠를 배워보세요. 초보자는 물론 전 레벨을 위한 강습을 전문 G.O가 제공합니다.

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