Ixtapa Pacific

A family haven on Mexico's sunny Pacific coast


Award-winning destination

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Discover Zihuatanejo, on New York Times' 'places to visit' in 2022 for its unique charm and nature preservation efforts.

Wildlife wonders


Witness Mexico's diverse wildlife with dolphins, sea turtles, parrots and iguanas while you explore its lush mountains.

Spirit of authentic Mexico

Local immersion

Escape into the vibrant heart of Mexican culture through festive nights, local music and mezcal tastings.

A culinary tour of Mexico


Savor the flavors of Mexico through a selection of authentic local dishes at beachside BBQs and Pozole Thursdays​.

고객님의 휴가에 딱 맞는 객실

60개의 패밀리 스위트룸을 포함한 총 298개의 객실에는 플랫 스크린 TV이 있고 인터넷 접속이 가능하며, 욕실은 고급스럽게 인테리어 되어있습니다. 객실에서 휴식을 취하며 몸과 마음의 평안을 되찾아 보세요.

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