Senegal캡 스커링

캡 스커링

캡 스커링


Tripadvisor: 4.5

Hidden gem in Casamance

Situated to the far south of Senegal, the legendary Cap Skirring Resort is shrouded by coconut trees. The golden sandy beach, the lush vegetation, the flowering bougainvillea and the thatched roofs give it a unique feel. The Diola culture, the fishermen, the mangrove, the lively surrounding villages...the area's nature and culture will whisk you away for a complete change of scenery.
Wake up to the gentle sounds of the ocean, hop on a traditional pirogue to cruise the bolongs, and then unwind with a dip in the pool. Enjoy grilled fish on the terrace of the speciality restaurant, which discreetly blends in with the filaos forest. Cap Skirring is a paradise for adventurous souls seeking authentic experiences in a resort where comfort, elegance and local culture combine.

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